Vintage & Current Board Game Replacement Marbles Chart

Finding the right size marbles and marble combinations for vintage and current board games can be difficult to say the least. And to make it worse many companies have now changed over to using plastic balls instead of glass marbles. I'm sorry but in my opinion it's just not the same.

So we have decided to try to make a selection of preset packs of marbles based on specific games. Please remember that manufactures did and continue to change sizes and colors. We can not guarantee that our sets will match your specific version of a game. We have tried to stay as true to the original versions as possible but over the years some games have changed as well as manufactures. We stress that these are after market replacements that are no way related to the original manufacture of any of the games.

Should you have a game that is not listed below that you are looking for the proper marbles to match please email us at We will attempt to help you match the right marbles. We have a wide range of colors and sizes available.
Game Originial Mfg. If Known Link to our replacement Part
Aggrevasion (14mm version) Click Here
Aggrevasion (18mm version) Click Here
Chinese Checkers (14mm / 9/16" version) Click Here
Chinese Checkers (18mm 3/4" version) Click Here
Hungry Hungry Hippo Hasbro Click Here

We will be posting more available kits in the future.

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