Lucky Cowboy Boot Clock

Have you ever had a special pair of cowboy boots that you either won a special show class, rodeo, or just plain loved to wear? Well its hard to throw those special boots away. So why not make them into something you can keep and display just as proudly as you wore them.

I got the idea from my youngest daughter who well lets just say she probably has more pairs of boots than I have clothes. She had a pair of boots that she outgrew but didn't want to part with because she had showed in them. But there is only room for so many pairs of boots in a bedroom. So I designed this clock so she could keep and display them in her country/western decor.

Making the clock is really simple and quick and they make great gifts.

The supplies you will need:


Clock movements, starbursts, clock numbers are available in many varieties from different sources. You can personalize the clock to your personal tastes and decor. We do provide these parts available for purchase by clicking on the links on this page.

After finishing this project hopefully you will have a treasure of your own. Hopefully your clock will remind you of the great times just as this one does my daughter.